giovedì 28 agosto 2014

W.I.P (4) Sd.Kfz.234/4 Pittura particolari interni

Ho finito la pittura degli interni con vari lavaggi ed usura nei punti di passaggio , ho aggiunto alcuni particolari : elmetto ,  borraccia , porta caricatori MP40 più il fucile mitragliatore ed una cassetta per munizioni MG42 nel vano porta oggetti alla sinistra del pilota , sulla destra ho messo una borraccia ed una cartella porta documenti .

I finished the painting of the interior with several washings and wear at the points of transition, I added some details: helmet, water bottle, MP40 magazine pouches , submachine gun MP40 and a box for MG42 ammunition in the glove compartment to the left of the driver , on the right I put a water bottle and a folder for documents.

2 commenti:

  1. Wow Loris it's a fantastic work of painting and weathering, just like I like, you can stop the building here otherwise with the hull on it, most of the details will be hide and it would be so pity ! ;-)
    One little question : did you made some drybrushing after the washes to bring out details ? Witch technics did you used ? Thanks for your response.
    Friendly yours.

    1. Thanks Alain,
      unfortunately I have to close with the upper hull the armored car to move forward with my project and as you say many details will be hidden. For the first painting I've run the full wash with Dark Brown (MIG) details how the gun support the seats and various added details were painted separately and then mounted on the hull, for the chipping I used a round brush bristles hard at this point with a flat brush I ran the dry brushing with Vallejo 864 natural steel. This is what I have done on this model, however, technical change depending on how I feel and every time I think of what he taught us Verlinden. I like to get into the tank and feeling like there was one that really.I hope I was clear and that you understand, I apologize ,for my English