sabato 12 ottobre 2013

STUG III Ausf. G Early - Pittura primer e prime luci

Primo passo della pittura con nero XF1 tamiya , su tutto il carro comprese le ruote ed i cingoli.

First step of painting with black Tamiya XF1, on the whole tank including the wheels and tracks.

Secondo passo con colore grigio XF19 schiarito poi con bianco XF2 sempre Tamiya su tutto il carro e le ruote motrici e di rinvio. Spero di fare un buon lavoro , i consigli sono sempre ben accetti. 

Second step with gray XF19 then lightened with white Tamiya XF2 always all over the tank on the drive wheels and idler wheels. I hope to do a good job, tips are always welcome.

4 commenti:

  1. Hi Loris,
    if you make a CM, i think you can make more contrast


    1. HI Jean,
      Yes you are right, but now I'll start with the basic color: XF60 and then adding white XF2, I'll modulation (apart from the thoughts that you are at work) At that point I will make the lines with the green XF61 and then off with the white camouflage winter
      P.S. What do you mean CM (contrast modulation)?