sabato 26 marzo 2016

Panzer II Ausf J ( VK 16.01 ) Primer e pittura

Anche su questo Panzer ho usato lo stesso primer lo Skull White della Citadel . Per la pittura iniziale ho usato su tutto il veicolo l' XF63 seguito dall'XF66 schiarito poi con del bianco .

Also on this Panzer, I used the same primer Skull White Citadel. For the initial paint I used on any vehicle the XF63, followed by XF66 then he brightened with white.

6 commenti:

  1. Good start with this little think Loris

  2. Thanks Max, you're very kind.
    Ciao e Buona Pasqua

  3. Very nice zenithal approach Loris, not too excessive, It looks very natural I like it !
    You said you have used XF-63 Yellow but it looks panzer grey on your pictures, strange isnt'it ?

    1. Ciao Alain, thanks for the comment. I only wrote XF63 not yellow, in fact, this color is the Panzer Grey ,the color XF66 is Light Grey .While yellow is XF60 I used for the Panzer I F.