lunedì 15 giugno 2015

T 34/85 interni torretta prima dei lavaggi

Ho finito di assemblare e dipingere gli interni del T34/85 , ora mancano solo i lavaggi e l'invecchiamento.

I finished assembling and painting the interior of T 34/85, now missing only the washing and weathering .

2 commenti:

  1. Hi my friend Loris !!
    I'm sorry not to respond to your updates because my work takes me a long time!
    I see that there is a monster work done on this superb T34!
    I admire such a painting! Bravos !!!!
    Hope to read more events :-) !!!
    Friendly Gégé!

    1. Thanks dear friend, I thank you for the comment. I also post photos to show the progress of the work and also because if someone wants to can get suggestions for their work, they are not as good as many others but they are so picky about the correct construction of the tank.